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About BrittonField Laboratories

Full analytical and microbiological testing capabilities

Brittonfield Labs, A Pharmasphere company, provides fully compliant facilities that support the testing, characterization, and release of pharmaceutical products in adherence with cGMP manufacturing standards.

All instruments and systems are suitably qualified and validated for their intended purpose. We have the capabilities to perform more than 200 rigorous microbiological and analytical tests across Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), excipients, and finished products.

Our highly skilled staff with 20+ years of experience and regulatory awareness is committed to continuing to be the driving force in ensuring the highest standard of quality.  

Quality Control laboratories are under constant pressure to stay compliant with standards and regulations while ensuring the product’s release on time.

Continuous method performance trending is one of the most critical evaluations to increase method robustness and minimize risk of method related out-specifications results. Many labs inadequately plan and execute their trending, method remediation or validation.

Labs that perform validation themselves pay more in materials and labor and inefficiency can potentially delay testing, resulting in the lab’s ability to process valuable samples and significantly impacting product release and therefore business.

BrittonField Laboratories offers analytical and microbiology validation workflow with validation consulting services.


Methods Development and Validation (Chemical and Microbiological)

  • Validation plan templates
  • Protocol templates
  • Samples and controls
  • Technical review              
  • Data analysis consultation
  • Final report template

Certifications and Credentials

FDA-registered as a GMP, GLP, and GTP testing lab


30 employees

Contract Services

Industries Served Pharmaceutical